At Anesthetists of Washington (AOW) we provide general anesthesia for pediatric and adult patients in your provider’s office.  We strive to make your visit to the dentist or doctor as pain free as possible.  Anesthesia providers specialize in helping patients manage their pain and anxiety.

AOW provides anesthesia services in a variety of settings, including dentists’ and doctors’ offices, dental clinics, surgical centers and hospitals.  By bringing anesthesia services to your dentist, or practitioner, we are able to provide the following benefits:

  • Decrease your costs of anesthesia
  • Minimize your travel time
  • Allow for ease of scheduling
  • Provide quick access to anesthesia services and appointments
  • Help you to remain in the comfort and familiarity of your dental office and staff

Each patient is cared for on an individual basis. Younger children may be sedated with a mask to avoid the discomfort of needle pricks or sticks.  Our provider, Kevin Gurney, has a great deal of patience and care helping individuals with disabilities or anxiety needs.

Enjoy “sweet dreams” while your dentist brings out your best smile

Rest easy, without pain or memory of the procedure

Patient Preparation Instructions

  • No food for 6 hours before anesthesia
  • Until 2 hours prior to your procedure, you may continue to drink water, Gatorade (or similar), apple juice or black coffee/tea (sugar is ok, but NO DAIRY OR CREAMER).  You may also eat gelatin (Jell-O) with no added fruits or ingredients.
  • You CAN brush your teeth.
  • NOTHING by mouth for 2 hours before procedure (no gum or mints)
  • No alcohol for 24 hours before anesthesia
  • Wear warm, loose fitting clothing.  A Depends or similar undergarment is highly recommended for cases longer than 2 or 3 hours.
  • Do not wear makeup.
  • Remove nasal and oral (mouth) piercings.
  • Have someone 18 years or older, who can make medical decisions in your behalf, remain at the dental office and drive you home afterward.
  • Do not drive or operate machinery for 24 hours after anesthesia.
  • You will be sleepy afterward and will want to take it easy on the day of anesthesia.

Patient Forms

Please complete these forms and submit by:

  1. Fax to (509) 424-3218
  2. Email to or
  3. Return them to your dental office

New Patient Information & Payment Agreement Forms – Word | PDF

Documentos de información sobre el paciente nuevo, consentimiento y pago en español – Word | PDF

Practice Privacy Policy – PDF

Let relaxation replace anxiety

Anesthesia for Dental Procedures

AOW’s anesthesia services can benefit patients with:

  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction
  • Implants
  • Crowns
  • Grafts
  • Deep Cleaning/Fillings
  • Special Needs/Disabilities
  • Anxiety

Patient Safety

Our anesthesia provider stays right beside you throughout your entire procedure, using intravenous (IV) drugs and airway management for your comfort, monitoring any vital changes and making necessary adjustments.

General sedation gives the dentist a full view of your mouth and the ability to focus on his area of expertise.

Patient Testimonials

“I was so nervous to have my wisdom teeth taken out, I’ve had them for 18 years!  I was given the option to be sedated and decided to go for it and was so glad I did.  Kevin did a great job answering my questions and making me feel like I was in good hands.  The extraction went great and my recovery went better than I expected!  I would highly recommend getting sedated for any dental anxiety, Kevin and Cheryl are wonderful!” -Samantha

“I wanted to thank you for your care and compassion during my procedures yesterday. I don’t remember leaving the dentist yesterday and didn’t have a chance to thank you in person. If (when?) I ever need sedation services at my dentist again I will certainly put my trust in you again. Thank you again!” -Nathan

“I want to thank you for a very professional and pleasant experience.” -Richard

“The complete operation was seamless and professional.  I have been completely pain-free.  Both Kevin and Casey met the highest standards of performance.  The administrative staff was of high quality and facilitation.   I would highly recommend AOW to anyone.” -K. Charboneau