Anesthesia in Dental Offices

AOW provides general anesthesia along with 100% patient monitoring during your procedure. Use of IV medications and airway management allow our provider to maintain complete control for patient safety and comfort. General sedation gives the dentist a full view of your mouth and the ability to focus on his area of expertise.

We provide the full range of anesthesia services from conscious sedation to general anesthesia.  Our provider is able to use nasal or oral intubation depending on the needs of the patient and provider.  Anesthesia services benefit patients with any of the following dental services:  extractions, implants, crowns, grafts, deep cleaning, multiple or deep fillings, down’s syndrome or autism, anxiety disorder, and oral surgeries.

We bring all equipment, medication, drugs and emergency supplies needed for any of our  services.  AOW provides patient pre-anesthesia instructions as well as billing and claim follow up for our patients.

Anesthesia in the Ambulatory Surgical Center

Anesthetists of Washington is able to provide a full spectrum of pain relief services ranging from pain injections to nerve blocks to general anesthesia.  We want you to be as comfortable as possible while receiving the needed medical treatment from your provider.

Anesthesia Services in Medical Clinics

As an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP), Kevin Gurney is able to provide nursing or medical services in medical offices.  These services include pain or steroid injections, infusions, nerve blocks, wound care, or treatments for chronic pain and migraines.

At AOW Mobile Anesthesia, we believe in treating all patients as we would our own family!