Making Life Less Painful

Mobile Anesthesia for Dental and Medical Offices

Our mission is to bring excellence in anesthesia care close to home in the familiarity and comfort of the provider’s office.  We strive to decrease pain and allow patients and providers to complete procedures which will improve quality of life and overall health.  We keep a focus on patient safety as we work to make a positive impact on each person we meet through personalized interaction and treatment plans.

Bringing safe, affordable anesthesia to your provider’s office

Let relaxation replace anxiety

Our anesthesia services allow patients to relax and let go of anxiety over necessary procedures.  General anesthesia allows the dentist to have a full view of the patient’s mouth.  By having our anesthesia provider monitor the patient continuously for pain management, health and safety, the dentist is able to focus completely on his or her area of expertise.  We provide all equipment, drugs and supplies for patient safety and  comfort.  We are available 24 hours, 7 days per week for urgent needs or concerns.

Dental Offices

Replace Anxiety with Relaxation

Comfort & Safety

Relieve anxiety and keep patients in the familiarity of your office.

Surgical Centers

Pain Blocks & General Anesthesia

Reduce Costs & Travel

Minimize patient cost and provide needed services for your patients.

Medical Clinics

Blocks & Steroid Injections

For pain & procedures

Conscious Sedation or general anesthesia

Rest easy, without pain or memory of the procedure

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Patient Testimonials

“I was so nervous to have my wisdom teeth taken out, I’ve had them for 18 years!  I was given the option to be sedated and decided to go for it and was so glad I did.  Kevin did a great job answering my questions and making me feel like I was in good hands.  The extraction went great and my recovery went better than I expected!  I would highly recommend getting sedated for any dental anxiety, Kevin and Cheryl are wonderful!” -Samantha

“I wanted to thank you for your care and compassion during my procedures yesterday. I don’t remember leaving the dentist yesterday and didn’t have a chance to thank you in person. If (when?) I ever need sedation services at my dentist again I will certainly put my trust in you again. Thank you again!” -Nathan
“I want to thank you for a very professional and pleasant experience.” -Richard

“The complete operation was seamless and professional.  I have been completely pain-free.  Both Kevin and Casey met the highest standards of performance.  The administrative staff was of high quality and facilitation.   I would highly recommend AOW to anyone.” -K. Charboneau

Everything went great and was explained well.

-Trevor T

Plain down to earth guy who does his job well. We need more people like that. He’s very confident in what he does and it shows!

-Robert R.

Got the needle on the first try!

-Lisa V.

Everything is always great with everyone here.